Planned Parenthood

These messages are my pride and joy from the individual project portion of Journalism 445. The messages I created is trying to raise awareness and promote the use of Planned Parenthood’s sexual health services for men. There is the stigma that Planned Parenthood only caters to women. Additionally, because Planned Parenthood is at the center of multiple political controversies, many men don’t associate themselves with the brand.  By emphasizing Planned Parenthood’s services for men, more men will become aware of, and take advantage of, the services, and support Planned Parenthood’s mission for comprehensive sexual healthcare for everyone. The big idea behind my messages are, basically, all wrapped up in the headline.  The one-line zinger’s that have a double meaning (sexual references) are witty and grab the viewer’s attention.  Men will read these sexual health ads because they’re posing something in a funny, witty and relatable way that will, ultimately, keep them healthy.

SEllis_Ad1 copy.jpg

SEllis_Ad2 copy.jpg