Social Media & the News Revolution

In 2016 especially, the American media system was endlessly challenged to adapt its role as social media was continuously changing online consumption habits. Even though social media isn’t something new, the implications of online networking revealed to have on society are truly profound. One future 2017 Social Media Trend I concur with is cracking down on Fake News (and alternative facts). Since the public cannot count on the 45th president’s credibility, I predict more social responsibility will be demanded from social networking platforms by the public. Living in alternative left and right realities is not going to last much longer. The public needs a basic set of facts on which to base all other interactions and ground a communal reality, and without one we’re more susceptible to restrictions on our freedom. Acknowledging that 40% of adults get their news from Facebook, and slanderous Twitter users can ruin people’s lives, it is then necessary to demand responsibility from the creators of such platforms. Unforeseen negative externalities of American’s dependence on social media like extreme partisanship and endless echo chambers now require the responsible parties to get it under control. If such platforms do not, I predict further division and unrest among the American people and the world.

Some Social Media Marketing Mistakes to Fix on my personal accounts is first, consolidation. I’m going to work on pairing my social media platforms down to the core 4: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat, to keep a central focus across networking sites. The second thing important for me to reign in is branding inconsistencies across my platforms. I have to keep my colors, pictures, headers, writing style, and content relatively similar across accounts so identifying me on Facebook and Instagram should yield similar results. Additionally, my names and handles should be the same on all social accounts, and posting content across platforms should be a regular occurrence. Lastly, I need to begin tailoring my social advertising to followers who find value in my content. My niche audience on social media is undetermined because of the diverse backgrounds of my followers, so all my posts are relevant to me. Turning my social media into a product for consumption by others instead of an outward expression of myself is necessary for creating a professional online social media persona.


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