Dream Job Agency

My dream job, as addressed in my previous post, is to work on pro social communication campaigns that benefit a cause I truly believe in. ProSocial, a strategy consulting and campaign management firm, strives to make sustainable social change through cause-specific campaigns that span multiple media and social platforms. ProSocial’s work deals with different issues on a case-by-case basis, but abides to the company’s main goal of bettering society. ProSocial has successfully developed and worked on projects addressing social issues such as lifetime emotional and mental health, human trafficking, women empowerment and peacemaking and the morality of war.

Most companies, policy makers or people in general look for quick fixes, which is why ProSocial is so unique and impactful. ProSocial’s dedication to implementing as many platforms and programs to maintain and promote sustainability is what sets them apart from other campaign managers. ProSocial not only accomplishes the task assigned by their employers, but spurs change on multiple levels by forming task forces, programs, resource centers and online networks, ensuring that the change they create has the best chance to remain prevalent over the long term.

I hope to grasp ProSocial’s multi-platform, all-encompassing approach to campaigns when I start to produce my own. ProSocial creates campaigns that act as a massive umbrella, combining different interpersonal, social and electronic communication tactics to spread their message as effectively as possible. Differentiating my work from other advertising campaigns by using ProSocial’s umbrella-like technique combined with my passion for the issues I will be working on will definitely help me differentiate myself from streamline campaigns, motivated by either social or private interests.


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