My Dream Job

My dream job is to work on pro-social communication campaigns for a nonprofit that benefits a cause I truly believe in. I want to work on campaigns that inspire people to spur action. Although Unilever is not a nonprofit company, the Vaseline Healing Project is a movement I wholeheartedly believe in because of its mission to support health and wellbeing on a global scale.  This article explains the inspiration behind the Vaseline Healing Project, starting after two dermatologists went on a mission to a Syrian refugee camp in Jordan. These doctors saw what Vaseline, something Americans view as basic, as something that could change people’s lives. Vaseline’s brand director, Kathleen Dunlop, started partnering the product with national and international aid organizations to get the petroleum jelly to those who could benefit from it. In addition to giving Vaseline, the project focuses on teaching healthcare workers in areas of need to diagnose skin conditions, thus fully combating the problem for a sustained solution instead of a quick fix.

The first exposure I had to this campaign hooked me immediately when the video “Helping Heal Skin Worldwide” played at a movie theatre before the previews. The commercial drew parallels between “people living in areas of crisis” and people like me, while showing corresponding scenes side-by-side. By using phrases like “ordinary” and “take for granted,” while simultaneously showing these people’s differences with my own made me feel like I needed to take action. Vaseline is something I use everyday, and the idea that this simple product can help people in such life changing ways was both humbling and awe-inspiring. The narrative the Vaseline Healing Project created made a lasting impression that something so simple can make a huge difference. The campaign told its audience to take action, challenging and motivating the viewer to donate to their cause because of the idea they instilled that I could positively impact lives by giving something I take for granted.

I am a person who cares, who actually gives a crap about what happens to people I don’t know personally. I care a lot, because maybe we live different lives but in the end we are only human, and everyone deserves the right to be health, happy and safe. There aren’t a lot of people who really, truly care about what happens to others, but I want to inspire people to. My dream job is to inspire people, who normally wouldn’t, to care about others. I want to work on pro-social communication campaigns to get my audience to realize that although we are different, we are all only humans inhabiting one planet. In the end we are all the same, and we deserve to be treated as such.



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